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37.14.803    DEFINITIONS

(1) As used in this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Enclosed radiography" means industrial radiography conducted in an enclosed cabinet or room and includes cabinet radiography and shielded room radiography.

(i) "Cabinet radiography" means industrial radiography conducted in an enclosure or cabinet so shielded that every location on the exterior meets the conditions specified in ARM 37.14.710.

(A) "Cabinet x-ray system" means an x-ray system with the x-ray tube installed in an enclosure (hereinafter termed "cabinet") which, independently of existing architectural structures except the floor on which it may be placed, is intended to contain at least that portion of a material being irradiated, provide radiation attenuation, and exclude personnel from its interior during generation of X radiation. Included are all x-ray systems designed primarily for the inspection of carry-on baggage at airline, railroad, and bus terminals, and in similar facilities. An x-ray tube used within a shielded part of a building, or x-ray equipment which may temporarily or occasionally incorporate portable shielding is not considered a cabinet x-ray system.

(B) "Certified cabinet x-ray system" means an x-ray system which has been certified in accordance with 21 CFR 1010.2 as being manufactured and assembled pursuant to the provisions of 21 CFR 1020.40.

(ii) "Shielded-room radiography" means industrial radiography conducted in a room so shielded that every location on the exterior meets the conditions specified in ARM 37.14.709.

(b) "Industrial radiography" means the examination of the macroscopic structure of materials by nondestructive methods utilizing sources of radiation.

(c) "Personal supervision" means supervision such that the supervisor is physically present at the radiography site and in such proximity that contact can be maintained and immediate assistance given as required.

(d) "Radiographer" means any individual who performs, or provides personal supervision of, industrial radiographic operations and who is responsible to the licensee or registrant for assuring compliance with the requirements of this chapter and all license and/or certificate of registration conditions.

(e) "Radiographer's assistant" means any individual who, under the personal supervision of a radiographer, uses sources of radiation, related handling tools, or radiation survey instruments in industrial radiography.

(f) "Radiographic exposure device" means any instrument containing a sealed source fastened or contained therein, in which the sealed source or shielding thereof may be moved, or otherwise changed, from a shielded to unshielded position for purposes of making a radiographic exposure.

(g) "Shielded position" means the location within the radiographic exposure device or storage container which, by manufacturer's design, is the proper location for storage of the sealed source.

(h) "Storage container" means a device in which sealed sources are transported or stored.

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