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(1) Any child placed in a licensed youth foster home is eligible for a clothing allowance if:

(a) the child is expected to be in foster care for more than 30 days;

(b) the department is making the foster care payments for the child;

(c) there is a need for a basic wardrobe which has been documented by the placing worker; and

(d) the department has not already paid on behalf of the child the maximum amount in clothing allowances for the applicable and unexpired time period covering such child as set out in (2) of this rule.

(2) The amount of the clothing allowance is determined by the child's wardrobe and the extent to which clothing is needed, but in no case may the amount exceed $400 per child for the consecutive 12-month period beginning on the date that the department makes the initial clothing allowance payment. The maximum amount of the clothing allowance may be paid in increments as determined by the department.

(3) The clothing allowance must be used to purchase necessary clothing for the child. The child's clothing, whether purchased with clothing allowance funds, or brought from home, goes with the child into each placement.

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