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(1) The parties to a contested case may informally resolve the case, any motion concerning the case, or any issue pending resolution in the case, by stipulation, agreed settlement, or consent order. Except as provided in (3) , all informal dispositions must be in writing and must be submitted to the presiding ALJ for review. The ALJ will review the matter for conformity with applicable law and for jurisdiction of the CSSD to enter an order or resolve the matter based on the informal disposition. Upon concurrence the ALJ will make any appropriate order based on the informal disposition including dismissing or vacating any pending hearing.

(2) If an informal disposition is reached at the hearing or just before, the parties may orally communicate the terms of the informal disposition to the presiding ALJ. As long as the terms of the informal disposition are stated on the record, there is no need to follow the oral communication with a written communication. The ALJ may vacate the hearing and enter an order adopting the terms of the informal disposition.

(3) Informal dispositions of any issue of fact or law in a matter set for hearing shall be made according to ARM 37.62.941.


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