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(1) All infants shall have ample opportunity during each day for freedom of movement, such as creeping or crawling or rolling in a safe, clean, open, uncluttered area.

(2) An infant or toddler who is awake shall not spend more than 30 minutes of consecutive time confined in a crib, playpen, jump chair, or highchair.

(3) Each infant and toddler shall have individual personal contact and attention by the same adult on a regular daily basis at least once each hour during nonsleeping hours. Examples of personal contact and attention include being held, rocked, taken on walks inside and outside the center, talked to, and played with.

(a) There shall be sufficient staff so that an adult is always present and supervising.

(4) There shall be provisions for the infant and toddler to safely explore and investigate the environment. There shall be both stimulation and time for quiet activity. Infants and toddlers shall be taken outside for some period during each day in good weather.

(5) Each infant and toddler shall be allowed to maintain the child's own pattern of sleeping and waking period according to instructions from the parents.


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