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10.58.517    LIBRARY MEDIA K-12

(1) The program requires that successful candidates:

(a) demonstrate the ability to collaboratively design, implement, and assess information literacy efforts that engage diverse learners in critical thinking and inquiry processes;

(b) demonstrate the ability to manage the library facility to meet school district goals by:

(i) utilizing current practices in the areas of policy development, budgeting, needs assessment, and collaboration with students and colleagues; and

(ii) demonstrating competency and professionalism in library program administration including budgeting, facilities, equipment, public relations, and program advocacy;

(c) promote reading for learning and enjoyment by demonstrating the ability to:

(i) curate library collections through evaluation, selection, acquisition, and organization of all formats of library materials;

(ii) collaborate with teachers and students to ensure that the collection meets the interest of all learners and is aligned to state standards; and

(iii) select materials which reflect knowledge of current youth literature, support a wide range of information needs and interests, and support American Indians and tribes in Montana; and

(d) model and facilitate the effective and ethical use of information and use varying instructional strategies and technologies to support research, learning, creating, and communicating in a digital society.


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