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10.58.524    COMMUNICATION

(1) The program requires that successful candidates:

(a) demonstrate understanding of the composing process, including research, organization, and context development to plan standards-based, coherent, and relevant learning experiences for all students;

(b) demonstrate understanding of theories of human communication including symbolic development, transference of meaning, both cognitively and affectively, nonverbal communication, and language, including social and cultural factors affecting language use;

(c) demonstrate understanding of context (practices) of human communication, including public speaking, rhetoric, argumentation, persuasion; oral interpretation, interpersonal, small group, and organizational communication; cross-cultural communication, including American Indians and tribes in Montana;

(d) demonstrate understanding of diagnostic techniques, assessment, designing, and prescriptions applying formative and summative assessments for improving students' formal and informal communication skills and communicate with students providing appropriate and targeted feedback about their performance in ways that actively involve them in their own learning by encouraging them to analyze their own communication skills;

(e) design instruction that incorporates studentsꞌ home and a variety of community languages to enable skillful control over their rhetorical choices and language practices for a variety of audiences and purposes;

(f) demonstrate positive attitudes for teaching communication and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of students' social, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds affecting symbolic cognition; and

(g) select, create, and use a variety of instructional strategies and teaching resources, including contemporary technologies and digital media.


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