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(1) The department will follow the procedures set forth in this rule when developing or modifying the GMP. The department will:

(a) prepare an outline of the GMP for use at public meetings;

(b) sponsor interagency and public meetings;

(c) consult with local, state and federal agencies, universities, agricultural chemical user groups and the public, to identify the provisions, best management plans and practices, information and data needed, the agricultural chemicals of concern and plans for development of the GMP.

(2) Upon completion of the activities listed in (1) the department will prepare a draft GMP. The department will solicit through meetings and correspondence additional agency and public comment on the draft GMP. Copies of the GMP will be available for public review and comment at the department's Helena office. Additional copies will be made available for agency and public review and comment dependent upon available resources. The department will consider public comments, revise the draft if necessary, and submit the draft or revised draft GMP to the department of health and environmental sciences (DHES) for that department's review and comments in accordance with ARM 4.11.402.

(3) The department will prepare a final GMP upon completion of the DHES 30 day review and comment period. If no substantive modifications are made, the plan will be finalized and implemented by the department. If substantive modifications are made the department will provide for additional public comment.

(4) The department, in cooperation with the MSUES as set forth in ARM 4.11.204 and with other agencies, user groups and the public, will disseminate the GMP information to chemical user groups and the public.

(5) Copies of the GMP will be made available to the public upon request. The department may charge for the printing and mailing cost of the document.

History: Sec. 80-15-105, MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-15-211, MCA; NEW, 1990 MAR p. 2244, Eff. 12/28/90.

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