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(1) The following materials shall be provided by the applicant at the place agreed upon for the examination:

(a) At least one fully operative system unit or set conforming to the description of the same contained in the application.

(b) At least one copy of any brochures, pamphlets, and descriptive or sales material of any kind intended for use in promoting the same for use of such system in Montana.

(c) Samples of any training aids supplied by the applicant for the use of election officials.

(d) Where applicable sample ballots suitable for use in the system substantially in the form required by Montana law for a primary and general election in a year in which a president of the United States of America is to be elected. Such ballots for the general election sample shall also contain a ballot issue to be voted upon.

(e) Where applicable a set of programmed ballots having a known count for each office or ballot issue listed thereon, which count shall be declared before any test tabulation of said ballots is made.

(f) Copies of any other material required by law to be displayed at the polls, or useful for the instruction or information of electors at the polls.

(g) If not contained in other materials, data on the extent of use and length of use of the system being examined in other jurisdictions.

(h) Available data pertinent to ARM 44.3.1703(2) .

History: 13-17-107(1), MCA; IMP, 13-17-101, MCA; NEW, 1979 MAR p. 1693, Eff. 12/28/79.

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