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(1) No insurance policy or certificate may be advertised, solicited, or issued for delivery in this state as a medicare supplement policy or certificate unless the policy or certificate contains definitions or terms which conform to the requirements of this rule and 33-22-903, MCA.

(2) The following definitions are in addition to those in 33-22-903, MCA:

(a) "Accident," "accidental injury," or "accidental means" must be defined to employ "result" language and may not include words which establish an accidental means test or use words such as "external, violent, visible wounds" or similar words of description or characterization.

(i) The definition may not be more restrictive than the following: "injury or injuries for which benefits are provided means accidental bodily injury sustained by the insured person that is the direct result of an accident, independent of disease or bodily infirmity or any other cause, and occurs while insurance coverage is in force."

(ii) The definition may provide that injuries may not include injuries for which benefits are provided or available under any workers' compensation, employer's liability or similar law, or motor vehicle no-fault plan, unless prohibited by law.

(b) "Benefit period" or "medicare benefit period" may not be defined more restrictively than as defined in the medicare program.

(c) "Convalescent nursing home," "extended care facility," or "skilled nursing facility" must not be described more restrictively than as defined in the medicare program.

(d) "Health care expenses" means, for purposes of ARM 6.6.508, expenses of health maintenance organizations associated with the delivery of health care services, which expenses are analogous to incurred losses of insurers.

(e) "Hospital" must be defined in relation to its status, facilities, and available services or to reflect its accreditation by the joint commission on accreditation of hospitals, but not more restrictively than as defined in the medicare program.

(f) "Medicare" shall be defined in the policy and certificate.  Medicare may be substantially defined as "The Health Insurance for the Aged Act, Title XVIII of the Social Security Amendments of 1965 as then constituted or later amended."

(g) "Medicare eligible expenses" means expenses of the kinds covered by medicare parts A and B, to the extent recognized as reasonable by medicare.

(h) "Physician" must not be defined more restrictively than as defined in the medicare program.

(i) "Sickness" must not be defined more restrictively than the following:  "Sickness means illness or disease of an insured person."  The definition may be further modified to exclude sicknesses or diseases for which benefits are provided under any workers' compensation, occupational disease, employer's liability, or similar law.

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