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(1) No boats may be launched from any boat trailer, car, truck, or other conveyance except at an established launching area, if such a facility is provided. Boats, boat trailers, trucks, or other conveyance may not be kept at a designated area unless the owner or possessor thereof is authorized to use the area under the provisions of these rules.

(2) Swimming areas when designated are limited by white and orange buoys. No person may swim beyond a designated swimming area where posted. No person may disturb, deface, remove, or relocate such buoys.

(3) No power boat may be operated or beached within a designated swimming area, nor shall it be operated with its motor in operation so that any portion of such boat approaches closer than 50 feet to any swimmer in the water. The term "swimmer" as used herein shall not mean any water skier, then engaged in waterskiing and using said boat as a use of towing power. This regulation is applicable only in water areas which are within 100 feet of the nearest shoreline and shall not apply to emergency or life-saving situations.

(4) No operator of a power boat may tow any water skier so that such water skier is caused to approach within 50 feet of any swimmer in the water. No water skier, while afloat on his water skis, may approach any swimmer in the water within 50 feet or water ski within the bounds of any designated swimming area.

(5) No person may leave a boat or other water craft unattended while moored or attached to a public boat dock nor shall public boat docks be used for any other purpose than loading and unloading of boats or other water craft unless otherwise posted.

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