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(1) An application for revision must include:

(a) a general summary explaining the revision;

(b) a statement of the applicant's rationale for asserting nonsignificance pursuant to 82-4-342(5), MCA;

(c) identification of previous environmental analyses relevant to the revision;

(d) a reference to prior commitments to topsoil salvage, sediment control, reclamation, and other previously approved plans or standards that are applicable to the revision;

(e) documentation of the adequacy of existing bonding, if appropriate;

(f) updated replacement pages and permit map for the permitted plan of operations;

(g) any necessary construction, operating, reclamation, monitoring, and contingency plans; and

(h) an updated or comprehensive facilities map that clearly indicates all areas subject to pre-July 1, 1974, bonding levels. No action under this subsection affects a bond in effect under pre-July 1, 1974, bonding levels.

(2) The department shall provide the permittee with a notice of adequacy of proposed revisions within 30 days of receipt of the application.


History: 82-4-321, MCA; IMP, 82-4-337, 82-4-342, MCA; NEW, 1994 MAR p. 2952, Eff. 11/11/94; TRANS, from DSL, 1996 MAR p. 2852; AMD, 2022 MAR p. 1830, Eff. 9/24/22.

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