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(1) A licensee shall maintain the following records with the following information at the place of business indicated on the license application or other department-approved location:

(a) type of material deposited at each disposal location;

(b) location of each disposal site, by street address, latitude and longitude, or township, range, section and quarter section;

(c) volume of each material deposited at each site, such as septage, grease trap wastes, sump pumpings, and wastes subject to ARM 17.50.816;

(d) number of acres to which pumpings are applied;

(e) date and time of each application;

(f) nitrogen requirement for the crop or other vegetation grown on each site;

(g) rate at which the different kinds of pumpings are deposited at each site in gallons per acre during a year;

(h) vector attraction and pathogen reduction method used for each volume of pumpings applied;

(i) pH of the material 30 minutes after alkali addition, if that method is chosen for pathogen and vector attraction reduction; and

(j) records of land owner objections to application of alkali-stabilized septage.

(2) Licensees shall retain disposal and land application records for five years.

(3) A licensee shall submit a summary of the records required in (1) to the department on the following schedule:

(a) for the period of January 1 through June 30, by July 15;

(b) for the period of July 1 through December 31, with the annual license renewal.

History: 75-10-1202, MCA; IMP, 75-10-1202, MCA; NEW, 2001 MAR p. 848, Eff. 5/25/01; AMD, 2004 MAR p. 2383, Eff. 10/8/04.

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