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(1) The YCF must develop and implement written discharge policies and procedures that include discharge planning to begin at the time of admission.

(2) Within ten business days of the discharge of a youth from the YCF, a discharge report must be completed, and include:

(a) the youth's name, date of birth, admission and discharge dates, reason for placement and discharge, the placing agent, and/or parent or guardian;

(b) a written summary of services provided, including the youth's participation and progress in the program, contact information of persons who conducted evaluations of the youth, condition of the youth, compliance with YCF policies and procedures, and recommendations regarding the youth;

(c) the youth's educational status;

(d) medical, dental, and psychiatric care received during placement;

(e) follow-up health care required for the youth;

(f) current medications, dosage taken, number of times per day, and name of prescribing licensed health care professional;

(g) youth's reaction to discharge and whether or not the discharge was planned or unplanned;

(h) youth's continuing needs and recommendations for follow-up services for the youth;

(i) an up-to-date inventory of the youth's clothing and personal belongings; and

(j) the signature of the staff member who prepared the report and the date of preparation.

(3) Therapeutic group homes must document that the youth, parent/legal guardian, and placing agency participated in the development of the discharge plan and summary.

(4) The original discharge report must be maintained by the YCF in the youth's file and a copy must be provided to the placing agency or legal guardian within ten days of completion.


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