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24.29.2602    INTRODUCTION

(1) The department administers the subsequent injury fund (SIF), as provided by 39-71-901, et seq., MCA.

(2) A person with a permanent impairment that is a substantial obstacle to employment may seek certification by the department. Only an individual may be certified by the department, not a specific body part or condition.

(3) The department shall use the SIF to reimburse eligible expenses incurred by an insurer for:

(a) Causally related medical payments made on behalf of a certified individual 104 weeks after the occurrence of a subsequent injury or onset of an occupational disease; and

(b) Indemnity payments made to a certified individual after the insurer has paid a total of 104 weeks of indemnity payments.

(4) The SIF may not reimburse administrative expenses incurred by an insurer to process a claim.

(5) The department must receive timely and appropriate notice from the insurer pursuant to ARM 24.29.2614 before the department may reimburse an insurer.

(6) The department may require an insurer of a certified individual to submit reports of periodic medical examinations of the certified individual.

History: 39-71-203, 39-71-904, MCA; IMP, 39-71-901, 39-71-905, 39-71-907, 39-71-908, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2967, Eff. 12/24/10.

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