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(1) In addition to the requirements of ARM 17.53.111 and 40 CFR 263.11 for obtaining an EPA identification number, transporters that maintain offices, terminals, depots, or transfer facilities within Montana related to their hazardous waste transportation activities shall register with the department. Montana registration is not required for out-of-state transporters whose activities are limited to passing through Montana with hazardous waste loads or to picking up loads from Montana generators or delivering loads to designated facilities in Montana.

(2) Transporter registration is not subject to any fee.

(3) In order to obtain registration, a transporter shall provide, at a minimum, the following information on forms provided by the department:

(a) business name and mailing address;

(b) EPA identification number (if one has already been assigned) ;

(c) contact person(s) and contact phone number(s) ;

(d) the locations of all of the transporter's hazardous waste transportation-related offices, terminals, depots, and/or transfer facilities situated within Montana;

(e) the mode(s) of hazardous waste transportation employed; and

(f) whether the transporter and generator are the same person or whether the transportation activity is done on a commercial for-hire basis.

(4) Registration remains in effect for three years. Upon expiration, the department shall notify the transporter and provide appropriate forms for renewing the registration. Registration is transferable to a new owner or operator upon written notice to the department and proper updating of all pertinent registration information on file with the department.

History: 75-10-204, 75-10-405, MCA; IMP, 75-10-204, MCA; NEW, 2001 MAR p. 169, Eff. 1/26/01.

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