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(1) To receive benefits the exonerated person, on a form provided by the department, must establish and show proof of admission to an educational institution listed in ARM 20.26.104 and current enrollment or enrollment in a program of preparation for admission to an approved educational institution.

(2) Upon establishment of admission or enrollment, the department will establish a payment plan with the exonerated person.

(a) The department will pay the costs for tuition, fees, and room and board directly to the educational institution or program.

(b) The department will maintain a form for the exonerated person to estimate expenses for books. Expenses for books will be paid to the exonerated person with presentation of the appropriately executed form that outlines the necessary books and their costs.

(c) If the exonerated person does not live on campus during the period of enrollment in an educational program, the department will pay the exonerated person the average amount of room and board charged at a unit of the Montana university system for the duration of active enrollment.

(3) The exonerated person must furnish proof of enrollment for each new educational period, the beginning of each semester, or the beginning of each educational course in preparation for college admission.

History: 53-1-214, MCA; IMP, 53-1-214, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 1632, Eff. 8/10/12.

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