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(1) Specific service trailblazer signs may be installed along crossroads where the route to the business requires a direction change, where it is questionable as to which roadway to follow, or where additional guidance is needed. Where it is not feasible or practical to install specific service trailblazer signs to a business, the business shall not be considered eligible for signing from the ramp and main roadway. A specific service trailblazer sign shall not be installed at the point where the business is visible from the roadway and its access is readily apparent.

(2) The location of other traffic control devices shall take precedence over the location of a specific service trailblazer sign. If conflicts with existing signs arise, the exact location of trailblazer signs shall be determined by the department.

(3) Each specific service trailblazer sign or sign assembly shall be limited to no more than four logo sign panels. The logo sign panels shall be duplicates of those displayed on the specific service ramp signs. Specific service trailblazer signs shall be erected in the same order as specific information (LOGO) signs.

(4) Specific service trailblazer signs shall indicate the direction to the qualified business and shall indicate mileage where the business is located more than one mile from the sign. Appropriate legends, such as directional arrows or a word message (e.g., "next right" or "second right") shall be displayed with the logo sign panel to provide proper guidance.

(5) All necessary specific service trailblazer signs must be erected before a business sign may be installed.

(6) The department may review the franchisee's determination of number and location of specific service trailblazer signs.


History: 60-5-503, MCA; IMP, 60-5-513, MCA; NEW, 1990 MAR p. 111, Eff. 1/12/90; TRANS, from ARM 18.7.308, 2011 MAR p. 2393, Eff. 11/11/11; AMD, 2012 MAR p. 2459, Eff. 12/7/12.

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