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(1) The racing secretary shall be in attendance on the grounds throughout the race meet.

(2) The racing secretary shall discharge all duties required by the racing rules and report to the stewards as the case demands, all violations of these rules. The racing secretary shall record races won on the horse registration papers, not later than the day following the race having been won.

(3) The racing secretary shall be responsible for:

(a) an official program for each racing day, which shall state the time fixed for the first race and give the names of the horses which are to run in each of the races of the day; and

(b) any error to the board or commission in the official program for each racing day, except the racing secretary shall not be responsible for errors in past performance lines obtained from a chart company.

(4) The program shall indicate the order in which each race is to be run, the purse, conditions, distance of each race, the owner, trainer, and jockey of each horse, all racing colors, the weight assigned to each horse, its number and post position, color, sex, age and breeding. The program may show other pertinent data.

(5) The racing secretary shall keep a complete record of all races, including the following information;

(a) total purses paid for meeting, including added money in stakes;

(b) list of all stake races;

(i) total added money,

(ii) total money contributed by horsemen.

(c) total number of "Montana bred" races run and offered, but not filled;

(i) total purses paid to Montana bred races,

(ii) total of above paid by horsemen,

(iii) total amount of purse paid to all Montana bred winners and including the amount paid as breeders award.

(d) complete list of all horses claimed, listing claiming price and date of claim.

(6) It shall be the duty of the racing secretary to:

(a) assign to applicants such stabling as the racing secretary may deem proper to be occupied by horses in preparation for racing; and

(b) determine all conflicting claims for stable privileges.

(7) As soon as the entries have been closed and complied, and the declarations have been made, the racing secretary shall post in a conspicuous place in the racing secretary's office a list of the entries and declarations. Any newspaper desiring the list shall be furnished a copy.

(8) The racing secretary shall determine the weight for each horse in every handicap and post the same, and no alterations shall be made after posting except in the case of omission, through error, of the name or weight or a horse duly entered, in which case, by permission of the stewards, the omission may be rectified.

(9) The racing secretary shall be responsible for all registration certificates and a receipt shall be issued to the owner or trainer depositing such registration certificates with the racing secretary.

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