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(1) A person applying for an underground storage tank installation or closure permit shall pay to the department the applicable permit application review fee provided in (2) through (5), and, if a licensed installer will not conduct the installation or closure, the applicable inspection fee provided in ARM 17.56.1309.

(2) A permit application is deficient until the permit application review fee is paid to the department.

(3) Subject to the limitation in (4), for the installation or closure of an underground storage tank system, the permit applicant shall pay the following permit application review fees:

(a) any application, or group of applications, proposing work at a facility that includes the installation or closure of an underground storage tank $100/permit

plus $0.02/gallon of tank capacity;

(b) any application solely for a minor installation $50;

(c) any application solely for piping installation and/or closure:

(i) greater than 50 feet $100;

(ii) 50 feet or less $ 50;


(d) any combination of applications in (3)(b) and (c), or any other permit application $100.

(4) To determine whether a proposed piping installation or closure exceeds the 50-foot threshold in (3)(c), piping length shall be calculated as the sum of the linear feet of all pipe proposed to be installed and closed.

(5) Permit application review fees for installations, closures or both, at one facility or location must not exceed $750 per permit issued by the department.

(6) For the issuance of a duplicate of any permit, the permittee shall pay a fee of $10. 

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