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(1) For each confirmed release that requires a cleanup plan under ARM 17.56.605, the department must provide notice to the public by means designed to reach those members of the public directly affected by the release and the planned cleanup activities. This notice may include, but is not limited to, public notice in local newspapers, block advertisements, public service announcements, letters to individual households, or personal contacts by field staff.

(2) The department must ensure that site release information and decisions concerning the cleanup plan are made available to the public for inspection upon request.

(3) Before approving a cleanup plan, the department may hold a public meeting to consider comments on the proposed cleanup plan if there is sufficient public interest, or for any other reason.

(4) The department must give public notice that complies with (1) if implementation of an approved cleanup plan does not achieve the established cleanup levels in the plan and termination of that plan is under consideration by the department.

History: 75-10-405, 75-11-319, MCA; IMP, 75-10-405, 75-11-309, MCA; NEW, 1989 MAR p. 1912, Eff. 11/23/89; TRANS, from DHES, 1995 MAR p. 2259.

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