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(1) The service manager of an emergency medical service must ensure: 

(a) when the service is a BLS service, the care provided by ECP conforms to the general standard of care promulgated by the board;

(b) when the service is an ALS service, the service medical director fulfills the requirements of offline medical direction as defined in ARM 24.156.2732 and 50-6-302, MCA;

(c) the service is operated in a manner that does not threaten or endanger the public health, safety, or welfare;

(d) required basic life support, advanced life support, transportation equipment, and safety and extrication kits are available as described in Table 3 of the Emergency Medical Services Rule Appendix;

(e) service staffing meets minimum requirements set forth under ARM 37.104.508;

(f) the service meets communication, reporting, and sanitation requirements set forth under this subchapter;

(g) the service establishes written policies and procedures and maintains written documentation for the preventive maintenance of ambulances and emergency medical equipment;

(h) the service personnel are alert and capable during an emergency response;

(i) ambulance vehicles and all emergency medical services equipment are maintained in a safe and operating condition;

(j) all personnel functioning on the emergency medical service have documentation of appropriate licensure to function;

(k) service personnel use only that equipment and perform those skills for which they are trained, certified, or licensed and legally permitted to use or perform;

(l)  communication items set forth in Table 2 of the Emergency Medical Services Rule Appendix are always available.

(2) When functioning under the conditions defined in ARM 24.156.2771(7), a licensed service may use ECPs licensed in another state.

(3) All ambulances must have at least one of the required personnel attending the patient, and when providing care at an ALS level, the person licensed at the corresponding level must attend the patient.


History: 50-6-323, MCA; IMP, 50-6-323, MCA; NEW, 2023 MAR p. 1020, Eff. 9/9/23.

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