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(1) A nontransporting medical unit must have an agreement with a licensed ambulance service to ensure continuity of care and adequate transportation for its patients. An ambulance service is not required to approve of, or enter into an agreement with, a nontransporting medical unit. 

(2) A law enforcement agency, fire department, search and rescue unit, ski patrol, or mine rescue unit which does not hold itself out as a provider of emergency medical care to the public and does not routinely offer to provide services to the general public beyond the boundaries of a single recreational site, work site, school, or other facility shall not be considered a nontransporting medical unit solely because members of the unit provide medical care at the scene of a medical emergency to which they were dispatched for other purposes.

(3) A nontransporting medical unit must:

(a) ensure that patients are transported by a licensed ambulance service, unless a licensed service is not reasonably available;

(b) ensure either that the patient is transported by an ambulance service licensed to provide at least the same level of patient care commenced by the nontransporting medical unit or that the ambulance service carries the personnel and equipment of the nontransporting medical unit with the patient to the hospital if a level of care has commenced which the ambulance service cannot legally continue; and

(c) have a written dispatch policy and procedure coordinated with a licensed ambulance service.


History: 50-6-323, MCA; IMP, 50-6-323, MCA; NEW, 2023 MAR p. 1020, Eff. 9/9/23.

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