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(1) The purpose of the advisory committee is to advise the department consistent with 50-6-323, MCA, on matters including: 

(a)  the equipment and materials required for an emergency medical service;

(b)  the data to be collected and submitted to the department;

(c)  the information contained in an abbreviated patient encounter form submitted to a hospital; and

(d)  in consultation with the Department of Labor and Industry or the board, patient care standards and guidelines and guidance on supplemental training for registered nurses.

(2) The membership of the advisory committee consists of 17 individuals appointed by the department director, taking into consideration the geography and demography of Montana, as follows:

(a) an emergency medical services fellowship trained or national board-certified emergency medical services physician who will serve as chair;

(b) two service medical directors, one of whom is employed by an emergency medical service serving a population greater than 20,000 persons;

(c) a representative from the Department of Labor and Industry;

(d) a representative from the department's Emergency Medical Services for Children Committee;

(e) a representative from the department's State Trauma Advisory Council;

(f) a service manager from a government-owned ground ambulance service;

(g) a service manager from a privately owned ground ambulance service;

(h) a service manager from a hospital-owned ground ambulance service;

(i) a service manager from a not-for-profit ground ambulance service;

(j) an ECP service manager of a nontransporting medical unit;

(k) an ECP service manager of an air ambulance;

(l) an ECP from a tribal emergency medical service provider;

(m) an RN with supplemental training that is on an emergency medical service roster;

(n) a sworn officer representative from a law enforcement agency;

(o) a representative of a 9-1-1 dispatch organization who is trained in emergency medical dispatch; and

(p) a member of the public not affiliated with the emergency medical service system.

(3) Individuals who are interested in serving on the advisory committee must submit to the department an application that is available on the department's web site along with a resume and letter of interest.

(4) The membership term is three years with the initial terms of membership randomly assigned for the purpose of ensuring staggered terms. Members of the advisory committee may seek reappointment to serve additional terms.

(5) The advisory committee will meet publicly at least twice each year and will conduct its business in person or, when appropriate, by electronic means.


History: 50-6-323, MCA; IMP, 50-6-324, MCA; NEW, 2023 MAR p. 1020, Eff. 9/9/23.

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