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(1) Prior to open burning, a major open burning source must submit an application to the department for an air quality major open burning permit. The application must be accompanied by the appropriate air quality permit application fee required under ARM 17.8.514 and must contain the following information:

(a) a legal description of each planned site of open burning or a detailed map showing the location of each planned site of open burning;

(b) the elevation of each planned site of open burning;

(c) the method of burning to be used at each planned site of open burning; and

(d) the average fuel loading or total fuel loading at each site to be burned.

(2) Proof of publication of public notice, consistent with this rule, must be submitted to the department before an application will be considered complete. An applicant for an air quality major open burning permit shall notify the public of the application for permit by legal publication, at least once, in a newspaper of general circulation in each airshed (as defined by the department) affected by the application. The notice must be published no sooner than ten days prior to submittal of an application and no later than ten days after submittal of an application. The form of the notice must be provided by the department and must include a statement that public comments concerning the application may be submitted to the department within 20 days after publication of notice or filing of the application, whichever is later. A single public notice may be published for multiple applicants.

(3) When the department approves or denies the application for a permit under this rule, a person who is directly and adversely affected by the department's decision may request a hearing before the board in the manner provided in 75-2-211, MCA.

(4) A major open burning source must:

(a) conform with BACT; and

(b) comply with the conditions in any air quality open burning permit issued to it by the department, which will be in effect for one year from its date of issuance or another time frame as specified in the permit by the department.

(5) To open burn in a manner other than that described in the application for an air quality open burning permit, the source must submit to the department, in writing or by telephone, a request for a change in the permit, including the information required by (1), and must receive approval from the department. 

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