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17.84.102    DEFINITIONS

Unless the context requires otherwise, as used in this subchapter:

(1) "Act" means Title 90, chapter 4, part 1, MCA.

(2) "Commercialization" means the engagement by a new or expanding business incorporated, licensed or otherwise authorized to do business in Montana in developing, designing, building, manufacturing, marketing, distributing, or selling renewable energy forms, processes, systems, system components or information.

(3) "Contract monitoring" means a purposeful examination and supervision of a contractor's performance, plans, records, reports and expenditures to insure compliance with the terms and conditions described in a contractual agreement with the department.

(4) "Demonstration" means a physical display or example to illustrate the operation of a renewable energy system or device and to provide evidence of its performance to a large population.

(5) "Development" means an activity that utilizes the results of research or available knowledge and applies those results or knowledge to the design, construction and testing of hardware, models, or prototypes.

(6) "Educational or informational project" means any project that stimulates research, development, demonstration, commercialization or use of renewable energy through workshops, publications, curriculum development, technical assistance services, audio-visual materials, or other means.

(7) "Financial institution" means any state or federally chartered commercial bank, savings and loan association or

credit union authorized to do business or domiciled in the state of Montana and whose deposits are insured by the federal deposit insurance corporation (FDIC) , the federal savings and loan insurance corporation (FSLIC) or the national credit union administration (NCUA) . It shall also mean the farmer's home administration, the federal land bank and the production credit association.

(8) "Performance monitoring" means a systematic check, test, or investigation to collect, record, and interpret data that will describe the efficiency, energy output, or other operational functions of a renewable energy system or device.

(9) "Person" means, as defined in 90-4-102(2) , MCA, "a natural person, corporation, partnership, or other business entity, association, trust, foundation, any educational or scientific institution, or any governmental unit."

(10) "Research" means a systematic study to discover facts or to discover or revise theories that will bring to a more advanced state the capabilities, understanding, availability, and suitability of a renewable energy source.




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