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(1) It is the responsibility of the sign owner to see that the proper permit is continuously attached to the sign or device for which it was issued.

(2) The permit plate must be attached immediately upon erection of the sign.

(3) The permit plate must be attached to the sign or the supporting structure near the lower left corner of the sign (or supporting pole/beam) facing the traffic. The permit plate must be visible from the roadway.

(4) Permits which are affixed to the wrong sign or are otherwise in violation of requirements may be revoked by the department if the deficiency continues for more than 30 days.

(5) If the department revokes a permit, the sign for which the permit was issued becomes an illegal sign and must be removed. The permit plate must be destroyed and disposed of properly.

(6) If the original permit plate has been lost or destroyed, a replacement permit plate may be obtained from the department upon application and payment of a fee listed in ARM 18.6.215

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