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2.63.203    DEFINITIONS

In addition to the definitions found in 23-7-103, MCA, the following definitions apply to this chapter:

(1) "Chain" means three or more places of business having the same owner.

(2) "License" means the document issued by the lottery which authorizes a sales agent to sell lottery tickets at a fixed place of business.

(3) "Lottery ticket" means all lottery tickets, including scratch tickets and terminal-issued tickets.

(4) "Place of business" means the premises where any Montana business is conducted and includes but is not limited to:

(a) retail businesses;

(b) businesses of religious, charitable, civic, or fraternal organizations;

(c) senior citizen centers; and

(d) businesses of the state or any of its political subdivisions.

(5) "Player" means a person who:

(a) has purchased a lottery game ticket, chance, wager, or bet; and

(b) is not restricted from purchase under 23-7-302, MCA.

(6) "Provisional license" means a license issued by the director which temporarily authorizes a licensee to conduct the sale of lottery tickets pending processing of the license application.

(7) "Scratch ticket" means a lottery ticket that has a removable coating covering symbols that determine the amount of prize a player can win. 

(8) Terminal-issued ticket" means a lottery ticket printed by a terminal connected to a computer.


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