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(1) If, upon investigation, the department determines that an organization authorized to conduct a Calcutta pool has failed to comply with the laws of the state of Montana or the rules of the department or has misrepresented any material fact in its application for an authorization to conduct a Calcutta pool, the department may take any other action authorized by law.

(2) Upon completion by the department of its investigation, the department shall notify the organization authorized to conduct the Calcutta pool of any penalties it intends to impose. If the organization then desires a hearing, it must submit a written request to the department within 20 days of the receipt of notice of intended department action.

(3) Upon receipt by the department of a written request for hearing, all subsequent proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Montana Administrative Procedure Act and the Attorney General's Model Rules of Procedure.

History: 23-5-115, MCA; IMP, 23-5-136, 23-5-223, MCA; NEW, 1990 MAR p. 828, Eff. 4/27/90.

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