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(1) Applications for card dealer licenses (Form 4) are available on the department's website (www.dojmt.gov/gaming), from a local Gambling Control Division office, or from a local Motor Vehicle Division office.

(2) An applicant for a card dealer license must first appear in person and present government-issued identification to an authorized representative of the Motor Vehicle Division. Upon confirmation of the applicant's identity, the authorized representative of the Motor Vehicle Division must obtain a photograph and signature of the applicant.

(3) An applicant for a card dealer license must next submit a completed application to the Department of Justice, Gambling Control Division. The application is not complete unless it contains:

(a) a card dealer application (Form 4) with all required information, signed and dated by the applicant;

(b) two original sets of fingerprints to be obtained from and certified by a local law enforcement agency;

(c) a completed personal history statement (Form 10); and

(d) the license fee and fingerprint processing fee.


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