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24.12.102    DEFINITIONS

As used in the subchapter, unless the context requires otherwise, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Counseling" means the process of assisting participants in realistically assessing their needs, abilities, and potential; of providing guidance in the development of vocational goals and the means to achieve them; and of helping with the solution of a variety of individual problems occurring during participation.

(2) "Participant" means an individual who is a Montana resident and who is determined eligible and is enrolled into any employment, training, or services program.

(3) "Performance standards" means factors used to evaluate the performance of programs.

(4) "Underemployed individuals" means:

(a) persons who are working part time but seeking full time work; 

(b) persons who are working full time but whose current annualized wage rate is not in excess of "for a family of one" the higher of either:

(i) the poverty level; or

(ii) 70% of the lower living standard income level; or

(c) persons licensed, or seeking licensure, as pediatric complex care assistants who have fully or partially exited the job market because of the need to care for a child.

(5) "Unemployed individuals" means individuals who are without jobs and who want and are available for work. The determination of whether individuals are without jobs shall be made in accordance with the criteria used by the bureau of labor statistics of the department of labor and industry in defining individuals as unemployed.

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