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(1) Schools licensed to offer teacher-training programs shall employ at least one full-time licensed instructor per student or cadet instructor on the premises of the school at all times during school hours.

(2) Instructors, student instructors, and cadet instructors shall wear badges or insignia indicating their appropriate instructor status.

(3) Student or cadet instructors shall be under the direct on-site supervision of a full-time licensed instructor while practice teaching and shall not be allowed to work on members of the public during their teacher-training program.

(4) Upon application by the student or cadet instructor enrolled in a licensed school of barbering, cosmetology, electrology, esthetics, or manicuring, the board may grant credit for hours toward the teacher-training curriculum when the student or cadet instructor has completed, with not less than a "C" grade, a teacher-training course offered by an accredited postsecondary educational institution.

(5) Schools shall keep and maintain on the school's premises daily records of curriculum, attendance, and classes taught and practiced by the student or cadet instructor, until the applicant has become a licensed instructor.

(6) Upon completion by the student of at least 90 percent of the required course of study, and prior to graduating and receiving a diploma, the student may take the board-approved exam.


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