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(1) A curriculum is the content and learning experiences designed to facilitate student achievement of the educational objectives.

(2) The faculty shall develop, review, and update the curriculum on an ongoing basis. The curriculum must meet the following general criteria:

(a) reflect the guiding principles, organizational framework, purpose, and educational objectives of the program and be consistent with the statutes and rules governing the practice of nursing, as well as the national standards and codes of ethics for nursing practice;

(b) contain content, clinical experiences, and strategies of active learning directly related to program or course goals and objectives, in order to develop safe and effective nursing practice;

(c) demonstrate that simulation activities are linked to programmatic outcomes; and

(d) contain evidence of current trends and professional standards and practice guidelines.

(3) The curriculum must include concepts related to the care of individuals across the lifespan including, but not limited to:

(a) health maintenance promotion and restoration;

(b) risk reduction;

(c) disease prevention; and

(d) palliative care.

(4) The length, organization, sequencing, and placement of courses must be consistent with the guiding principles and objectives of the program and assure that previously learned concepts are further developed and extend throughout the program.

(5) For each clinical credit, there shall be at least two hours of applied experience.

(6) For each course utilizing simulation, no more than 50 percent of clinical hours shall be replaced with simulation hours. Upon request by a program, the board may temporarily allow all programs to exceed the 50 percent cap on simulation due to extenuating circumstances such as a state or national emergency.


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