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(1) Applicants for the outfitter examination shall submit a completed license application accompanied by the required fee.

(2) The following list is not intended to be exhaustive in detail. A wide range of issues and subtopics exist within each broad topic. The examination categories include:

(a) general knowledge of outfitting and guiding;

(b) hunting;

(c) fishing; and

(d) packing.

(3) All applicants must obtain a passing score of 75 percent or more on each examination category taken.

(4) An applicant who fails the written examination may, within 15 days of notification of failure, review his or her examination at the board office. During this review, the applicant may review only questions answered incorrectly. Correct answers to those questions will be furnished to the applicant. No representative of the board shall discuss the substance of the examination with the applicant. The applicant will not be allowed to record any information from examination during the review.

(5) Before taking the outfitter examination, an applicant must submit a complete application, as defined in ARM 24.171.501. An applicant may not repeat any failed portion of the outfitter examination sooner than 30 days from the date of failing.


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