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(1) The board will accept the following documentation of experience for journeyman plumber applicants:

(a) written affirmation from a licensed master plumber(s) or a licensed plumbing contractor(s) by whom the applicant was employed, certifying by detailed description of the applicant's plumbing experience, that the applicant meets the qualifications set by 37-69-304, MCA. The written affirmation must verify that the applicant has a minimum of 7500 aggregate hours of experience in the field of plumbing over a period of not less than five years;

(b) a copy of an apprenticeship completion certificate or certified statement issued by the United States Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration (ETA), Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services (OATELS), or a recognized state apprenticeship agency/council. Experience granted for a registered apprenticeship is contingent upon successfully completing the requirement of the apprenticeship program;

(c) a transcript providing attainment of a first degree or advanced degree in an approved engineering curriculum or a baccalaureate degree in an approved engineering technology curriculum will be accepted as equivalent to two years of the five-year experience requirement;

(d) the board may, in its sole discretion, give appropriate credit for the following:

(i) graduation from an engineering technology curriculum not approved by the board;

(ii) completion of portions of such curriculum;

(iii) completion of a course of study in a technical institute or other recognized educational program, none of the above to exceed two years of the five-year experience requirement.

(e) upon documentation of practice in the fields of steam fitting, hydronics, and industrial piping, the experience will be accepted as equivalent to a maximum of two years of the five-year experience requirement.

History: 37-1-131, 37-69-202, MCA; IMP, 37-69-304, MCA; NEW, 1995 MAR p. 466, Eff. 3/31/95; AMD, 2000 MAR p. 825, Eff. 3/31/00; TRANS, from Commerce, 2004 MAR p. 1472; AMD, 2007 MAR p. 471, Eff. 4/13/07; AMD, 2008 MAR p. 2271, Eff. 10/24/08.

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