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(1) Contestants, including substitutions and exhibition contestants, shall be examined by a ringside health care professional approved by the board, between the time of weigh-in and prior to entering the ring. Only the contestant and his manager/trainer are allowed in the examination room during the physical.

(2) Contestants shall:

(a) provide the board with written documentation of a current physical examination; and

(b) meet the following minimum physical requirements as determined by the prefight examination performed by either a medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) for professional boxing and wrestling events. Semiprofessional boxing and club boxing event examinations may be performed by either an M.D., D.O., physician assistant-certified (PA-C) , or an advanced practice registered nurse (nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, nurse anesthetist or clinical nurse specialist) :

(i) blood pressure no higher than 150/90 (may be controlled by the use of diazide diuretic or low salt program) ;

(ii) temperature below 100 degrees F or 37 degrees C;

(iii) distant vision 20/100 each eye - near vision 20/40 by near vision chart;

(iv) fundi - no retinopathies or previous detachments (repaired or not) ;

(v) abdomen - no visceralmegaly;

(vi) no hernias, containing abdominal contents on coughing or straining;

(vii) normal Rhomberg or finger to nose tests;

(viii) no suppurative lesions on skin;

(ix) no indications of active renal disease or loss of one kidney;

(x) no perforated ear drum;

(xi) no changes in gait, mental status;

(xii) no changes in ring performance;

(xiii) no body deformity that would tend to promote injury; and

(xiv) no history of epilepsy or seizure disorder.

(3) The board may request the following of any contestant:

(a) electroencephalogram (EEG) ;

(b) computerized axial tomography (CAT-scan) ; or

(c) electrocardiogram (EKG) .

(4) The weigh-in shall be at least eight hours before the bout. Contestants appearing at weigh-in and weighing 3 percent over the contracted weight, without allowing for dehydration, shall be disqualified from the bout.

(a) Contestants exhibiting signs of dehydration as a result of taking diuretics or drugs shall be disqualified.

(5) No contestant shall take part in an athletic event until pronounced fit to do so by the ringside health care professional. Physical fitness of contestants to participate shall be certified by the ringside health care professional to the board within 24 hours after the contest.

(6) The manager or an authorized agent shall accompany the contestant to the weigh-in.

(7) If a contestant is late to weigh-in, the opponent may be weighed in under the direction of the board. Late contestants and their managers may be subject to disciplinary action by the board.

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