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(1) Each child care agency must maintain accurate and current records on each child in care, as follows:

(a) identifying information on the child and his family, including the child's name, date and place of birth, sex, religion, race, names of relatives, and other necessary information;

(b) date of the child's admission and name of the referring party;

(c) date of the child's discharge and authorization for the discharge;

(d) documentation concerning a child's specific medical problems; and

(e) a dated record of significant occurrences for each child while in care.

(2) Additional records to be kept by all child care agencies, except receiving homes are as follows:

(a) a copy of the court order, parental agreement, consent decree, or consent adjustment authorizing the child's placement and any other pertinent court action concerning the child;

(b) a report stating the reasons for placement and the current case plan;

(c) a social study on the child and his family;

(d) psychological or psychiatric information on the child if psychological or psychiatric services have been provided to the child at any time;

(e) quarterly progress reports on the child's reaction to the placement and services provided;

(f) quarterly reports from any parties providing any services to the child outside the child care agency; and

(g) a case plan with written quarterly reviews of the plan.

(3) In addition, a copy of the most recent physical examination of the child must be kept by all child care agencies, except receiving homes and maternity homes.

(4) Each child care agency must keep an accurate monthly record showing the number of children in care, the number admitted and discharged, the children's ages and sex, and the current average length of stay. This information must be submitted to the department upon the department's request.

(5) Every child care agency, except receiving homes, must provide for regular periodic review of the health records of all children in care by a registered nurse or other appropriately qualified health professional to assure the continued health care of the children.

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