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(1) Content of all continuing education courses must be relevant to chemical dependency counseling. Training must be related to the scientific knowledge or technical skills required for chemical dependency counseling. Training must be related to direct and/or indirect client care of chemically dependent individuals. Approved courses are not limited to specific alcohol/drug topics, but may include training in other counseling areas, such as child abuse, compulsive gambling, grief, dually diagnosed clients, stress management and sexuality.

(2) Courses in chemical dependency program administration or management, research or other functional areas of chemical dependency treatment programs related to client care will be accepted.

(3) Courses leading to basic counselor training are not acceptable for continuing education for certified chemical dependency counselors.

(4) Courses which deal with the participants' self-improvement, personal growth, changes in attitude, self-therapy and self-awareness are not approved for continuing education credit. Examples of courses that are not approved for continuing education credit include:

(a) therapy workshops dealing with the participants' personal issues or problems;

(b) chemical dependency education course designed for lay people (public education) ;

(c) parenting classes or other programs designed for nonprofessional participants;

(d) liberal arts courses in music, education, art and other courses unrelated to chemical dependency counseling; and

(e) orientation programs, meaning a specific series of activities designed to familiarize employees with the policies and procedures of an institution or agency.

(5) Courses or workshops containing a minimum of six hours training are "structured" workshop training.

(6) Continuing education credit is not granted for partial attendance of an approved workshop, i.e., attending one day of a two- or three-day workshop.

History: 37-35-103, MCA; IMP, 37-35-203, MCA; NEW, 1998 MAR p. 1408, Eff. 5/29/98.

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