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(1) Individual long-term care insurance policies and certificates shall contain a renewability provision. Such provision shall be appropriately captioned, shall appear on the first page of the policy or certificate, and shall clearly state the duration, where limited, of renewability and the duration of the term of coverage for which the policy or certificate is issued and for which it may be renewed. This provision shall not apply to policies which do not contain a renewability provision, and under which the right to nonrenew is reserved solely to the policyholder.

(2) Except for riders or endorsements by which the issuer effectuates a request made in writing by the insured under an individual long-term care insurance policy or certificate, all riders or endorsements added to an individual long-term care insurance policy or certificate after date of issue or at reinstatement or renewal which reduce or eliminate benefits or coverage in the policy or certificate shall require signed acceptance by the individual insured. After the date of policy issue, any rider or endorsement which increases benefits or coverage with a concomitant increase in premium during the policy term must be agreed to in writing signed by the insured, except if the increased benefits or coverage are required by law. Where a separate additional premium is charged for benefits provided in connection with riders or endorsements, such premium charge shall be set forth in the policy, certificate, rider or endorsement.

(3) Along-term care insurance policy or certificate which provides for the payment of benefits based on standards described as "usual and customary," "reasonable and customary," or words of similar import shall include a definition of such terms in the policy or certificate and an explanation of such terms in its accompanying outline of coverage.

(4) If a long-term care insurance policy of certificate contains any limitations with respect to preexisting conditions, such limitations shall appear as a separate paragraph of the policy or certificate and shall be labeled as "preexisting condition limitations."

(5) A long-term care insurance policy or certificate containing any limitations or conditions for eligibility other than those prohibited in 33-22-1115(2) , MCA, shall set forth a description of such limitations or conditions, including any required number of days of confinement, in a separate paragraph of the policy or certificate and shall label such paragraph "limitations of conditions on eligibility for benefits."

(6) With regard to life insurance policies that provide an accelerated benefit for long-term care, a disclosure statement is required at the time of application for the policy or rider and at the time the accelerated benefit payment request is submitted that receipt of these accelerated benefits may be taxable, and that assistance should be sought from a personal tax advisor. The disclosure statement shall be prominently displayed on the first page of the policy or rider and any other related documents.

(7) Activities of daily living and cognitive impairment shall be used to measure an insured's need for long-term care and shall be described in the policy or certificate in a separate paragraph and shall be labeled "Eligibility for the Payment of Benefits." Any additional benefit triggers shall also be explained in this rule. If these triggers differ for different benefits, explanation of the trigger shall accompany each benefit description. If an attending physician or other specified person must certify a certain level of functional dependency in order to be eligible for benefits, this too shall be specified.

(8) A qualified long-term care insurance contract shall include a disclosure statement in the policy and/or certificate and in the outline of coverage that the policy is intended to be a qualified long-term care insurance contract.

History: 33-1-313, MCA; IMP, 33-22-1101 through 33-22-1121, MCA; NEW, 1991 MAR p. 119, Eff. 2/1/91; AMD, 1998 MAR p. 3271, Eff. 12/18/98.

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