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24.171.401    FEES

(1) Fees for outfitters, operations plan, guide, or professional guides shall be as set forth below. The following fees are nonrefundable.

(a) New outfitter application and license. $1300

This fee includes the following costs, but does not include fees

related to operations plan.

(i) application processing 350

(ii) examination 150

(iii) investigation 400

(iv) license 400

(b) Application for amendment to outfitter license. 450

This fee includes the following costs:

(i) application processing 300

(ii) examination 150

(c) Renewal of outfitter license

(i) outfitter annual license 375

(ii) outfitter inactive status 200

(d) New operations plan

(i) review and processing 125

(ii) equipment inspection 375

(e) Fee per hunting client served per year 2

(f) Annual fee for each additional hunting 5000

camp meeting the criteria in 37-47-318, MCA

(g) Amendments to operations plan 2000

proposing an increase in net client hunter use (NCHU)

(h) Fee for each new client added to 500

operations plan by NCHU expansion request

(i) Guide license

(i) initial and renewal guide license 150

(ii) initial processing of inactive guide license 50

(iii) activation of inactive guide license 100

(iv) renewal of inactive guide license 50

(j) Professional guide license

(i) initial license (inclusive of application processing) 250

(ii) renewal of license 150

(k) Fee for transfer of NCHU from each 50

outfitter involved in the transfer

(l) Fee for replacement watercraft identification 5

(m) Fee for audit of river-use days 50

(n) Additional standardized fees are specified in ARM 24.101.403.

(2) The initial $5000 fee for each additional hunting camp approved for inclusion in the outfitter's operations plan pursuant to 37-47-318, MCA must be paid before the camp is used and in no event later than ten business days after written notice to the outfitter of the board's approval. Thereafter the annual fee is due on December 31. Inclusion of the camp in the outfitter's approved operations plan and the outfitter's authority to use the camp terminate automatically on December 31 of each year unless renewed for the following year by payment of the $5000 annual fee by that date.

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