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(1) The Montana board shall approve the placement of a student enrolled in an out-of-state nursing education program to undertake clinical practice in a Montana facility.

(2) The request for placement of an out-of-state student in a Montana clinical practice setting must be submitted to the board in writing, a minimum of two months prior to the proposed placement. The request must be signed by the director of the out-of-state nursing education program. The request for a clinical placement in Montana must include:

(a) documentation of out-of-state nursing education program's unconditional board approval and accreditation by CCNE or NLNAC;

(b) name, address, and contact information of the student seeking placement in a Montana clinical practice setting;

(c) name and location of clinical practice setting where the out-of-state nursing education program seeks to place the student;

(d) name and contact information of the person employed at the Montana clinical practice setting who will serve as the primary liaison between the out-of-state nursing education program, the Montana board, and the Montana clinical facility;

(e) names, contact information, and educational credentials for Montana clinical preceptor(s) and out-of-state faculty member(s) who will participate in the student's clinical experience in Montana;

(f) detailed description of the preceptorship, including the specific practice area that will be the focus for the out-of-state student's clinical experience;

(g) explicit plan for out-of-state faculty supervision of the preceptor and out-of-state student in the Montana clinical practice setting;

(h) verification from relevant directors of Montana nursing education programs that placement of the out-of-state student in the identified Montana clinical practice setting will not displace a Montana nursing student;

(i) verification from the Montana clinical practice setting of the facility's ability to accommodate the out-of-state student, without displacing a clinical student from any Montana nursing education program; and

(j) copy of the written agreement between the out-of-state nursing education program and the facility where the Montana clinical practice setting is located, which identifies preceptor(s), primary liaison, and out-of-state clinical faculty. The agreement must specify the responsibilities and delineate the functions of each entity in ensuring a quality educational experience for the out-of-state student.

(3) The clinical preceptors, working with the out-of-state nursing faculty and the student in the Montana clinical practice setting, must meet the qualifications outlined by ARM 24.159.655 and 24.159.665. The preceptor is responsible for ensuring that the out-of-state student complies with all Montana laws and rules related to nursing.

(4) Out-of-state faculty member(s) are responsible for ensuring safe, accessible, and appropriate preceptor supervision of the out-of-state student's Montana clinical practice experience. Out-of-state faculty member(s) must hold an unencumbered active nursing license and meet the requirements of ARM 24.159.662 for practical nursing faculty or ARM 24.159.659 for registered nursing faculty, with the single exception of Montana nursing licensure.

(5) Montana board staff may conduct a site visit at the proposed clinical practice setting, either before or during the out-of-state student placement, upon 48-hour notice to the involved parties.

History: 37-8-202, MCA; IMP, 37-8-202, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 2651, Eff. 11/13/10.

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