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(1) The department may issue an air quality commercial film production open burning permit for open burning of otherwise prohibited material as part of a commercial, educational film, or video production for motion pictures or television. Use of pyrotechnic special effects materials, including bulk powder compositions and devices, smoke powder compositions and devices, matches and fuses, squibs and detonators, and fireworks specifically created for use by special effects pyrotechnicians for use in motion picture or video productions is not considered open burning.

(2) The department may issue an air quality commercial film production open burning permit under this rule if the department determines that emissions from open burning will not endanger public health or welfare or cause or contribute to a violation of any Montana or federal ambient air quality standard.

(3) A permit issued under this rule is valid for a single production.

(4) Open burning under this rule must conform with BACT.

(5) The department may place any reasonable requirements in an air quality commercial film production open burning permit issued under this rule that the department determines will reduce emissions of air pollutants or minimize the impact of emissions, and the recipient of a permit must adhere to those conditions.

(6) An application for an air quality commercial film production open burning permit must be made on a form provided by the department. The applicant shall provide adequate information to enable the department to determine whether the application satisfies the requirements of this rule for a permit. Proof of publication of public notice, as required by (7), must be submitted to the department before an application will be considered complete.

(7) An applicant for an air quality commercial film production open burning permit shall notify the public of its application by legal publication, at least once, in a newspaper of general circulation in the area affected by the application. The notice must be published no sooner than ten days prior to submittal of the application and no later than ten days after submittal of the application. Form of the notice must be provided by the department and must include a statement that public comments may be submitted to the department concerning the application within 20 days after publication of notice or filing of the application, whichever is later. A single public notice may be published for multiple applicants.

(8) When the department approves or denies the application for a permit under this rule, a person who is jointly or severally adversely affected by the department's decision may request a hearing before the board. The request for hearing must be filed within 15 days after the department renders its decision. An affidavit setting forth the grounds for the request must be filed within 30 days after the department renders its decision. The contested case provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act, Title 2, chapter 4, part 6, MCA, apply to a hearing before the board under this rule. The department's decision on the application is not final until 15 days have elapsed from the date of the decision. The filing of a request for a hearing does not stay the effective date of the department's decision. However, the board may order a stay upon receipt of a petition and a finding, after notice and opportunity for hearing, that:

(a) the person requesting the stay is entitled to the relief demanded in the request for a hearing; or

(b) continuation of the permit during the appeal would produce great or irreparable injury to the person requesting the stay.

(9) Upon granting a stay, the board may require a written undertaking to be given by the party requesting the stay for the payment of costs and damages incurred by the permit applicant and its employees if the board determines that the permit was properly issued. When requiring an undertaking, the board shall use the same procedures and limitations as are provided in 27-19-306(2) through (4), MCA, for undertakings on injunctions.



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