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(1) Each local educational agency shall establish procedures to ensure that all students with disabilities living within the boundaries of the local educational agency regardless of the severity of their disability are identified, located, and evaluated including a practical method to determine which students are currently receiving needed special education and related services. If the student is parentally enrolled in a private school outside the boundaries of the local educational agency in which the student is living, the local educational agency where the private school is located is responsible for child find activities through referral.

(a) The procedures shall include a method to screen and develop criteria for further assessment for children between the ages of birth to 21 including all children in public and private agencies operated within the local educational agency legal boundaries.

(b) The written procedures shall describe the methods for collecting, maintaining, and reporting current and accurate data on all student identification activities. At a minimum, the procedures must:

(i) name the title of the person responsible for the coordination, implementation, and documentation of the procedures;

(ii) describe student identification activities including audiological, health, speech/language and visual screening, and review of data or records for students who have been or are being considered for retention, delayed admittance, long term suspension or expulsion, or waiver of learner outcomes (accreditation standards) ;

(iii) describe the role and responsibilities, if any, of other public or private agencies; and

(iv) ensure the collection and use of data are in accordance with the confidentiality requirements of 34 CFR 300.560 through 300.577.

(2) Before any major identification, location, or evaluation activity, the local educational agency must provide parents with written notice of the policies and procedures it implements to ensure protection of the confidentiality of any personally identifiable information collected, used, or maintained under part B of IDEA. The notice must comply with the requirements of 34 CFR 300.561 and be published or announced in newspapers or other media, or both, with circulation adequate to notify parents throughout the local educational agency boundaries of the activity.


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