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(1) Applicants must identify a business structure in the application. Acceptable business structures include the following:

(a) sole proprietorship;

(b) partnership;

(c) limited liability partnership;

(d) member-managed limited liability company;

(e) manager-managed limited liability company; and

(f) corporation.

(2) Applicants applying as sole proprietorships, partnerships, and member-managed limited liability companies must submit social security numbers (SSN).

(3) Applicants applying as corporations and manager-managed limited liability companies must submit employer identification numbers (FEIN).

(4) Applicants must answer YES or NO to whether they are applying as "Bid Only" status.

(a) "Bid only" status refers only to out-of-state construction contractors who are not yet performing any work in Montana. With this status, a contractor may only bid work in Montana. Once a job is awarded, the status must be updated and if the contractor has employees, the contractor must obtain and show proof of a Montana workers' compensation policy.

(5) Applicants must answer YES or NO as to whether they:

(a) are doing construction work in Montana;

(b) have employees;

(c) lease employees from a professional employment organization (PEO);

(d) obtain workers from a temporary service contractor (TSC); and

(e) perform work on commercial, industrial, or government jobs.

(6) Applicants must provide the name or names of all applicants and percentage of entity ownership for all owners.

(7) Applicants must provide current e-mail addresses, if applicable.

History: 39-9-103, MCA; IMP, 39-9-102, 39-9-201, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 994, Eff. 5/11/12.

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