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(1) Any applicant with prior disciplinary actions, open legal matters, a criminal conviction, or a deferred sentence may, but is not required to, make application for a predetermination prior to completing the examination and required course of education for the sole purpose of determining whether the applicant's qualifications, other than examination and education, are sufficient.

(2) Application for predetermination of whether the applicant's qualifications, other than examination and course of education, are sufficient shall be made to the board on forms approved by the board and accompanied by the nonrefundable predetermination application fee.

(3) Any approval of an application for predetermination which is made by the board shall remain valid for 90 days.

(4) At the time the applicant has completed the required education and examination, the applicant must submit an application for licensing and pay the required fees, certify in writing the information submitted for predetermination remains current, or provide any changes that may have occurred since the predetermination was filed.


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