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(1) A mentor for a licensed trainee must:

(a) be a certified residential or certified general appraiser for a minimum of two years;

(b) be approved by the board prior to beginning mentoring duties;

(i) a mentor shall make application on forms approved by the board and submit two appraisal reports prepared by the mentor in accordance with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards with all three approaches to value;

(ii) failure to prepare appraisal reports in compliance with USPAP can result in denial of mentor status; and

(iii) mentor applications must be received in the board office 45 days prior to the next scheduled board meeting.

(c) have a minimum of two years appraisal experience as a certified appraiser;

(d) be in good standing with the board and not currently hold a probationary license with the board;

(e) certify the mentor's agreement to provide ongoing supervision of the licensed trainee;

(f) be responsible for and must provide direct supervision of all appraisal work performed by the trainee in accordance with USPAP standards;

(g) review and sign the activity experience log prescribed by the board of their trainee, certifying its accuracy;

(h) inspect the first 50 properties with each trainee under the mentor's supervision;

(i) prior to allowing the trainee to perform an assignment with limited supervision, the mentor shall evaluate the competency of the trainee after the first 50 properties. The mentor must determine that the trainee is competent to perform an assignment within the minimum criteria of USPAP, with limited supervision. Failure to provide adequate supervision is unprofessional conduct according to 37-1-316, MCA;

(j) be limited to mentoring a total of three trainees at any particular time; and

(k) be limited to mentoring trainees in areas where the mentor is competent to perform appraisals.

(2) A mentor must notify the board within ten days when mentoring of a trainee has terminated.

(3) Any and all disciplinary actions against your license must be disclosed for board review.

(4) The board may, in its discretion, allow a mentor to provide limited supervision to a trainee with whom the mentor has not inspected a minimum of 50 properties when:

(a) the mentor making this evaluation has personally inspected a minimum of ten properties with the trainee and supervised the trainee, with respect to all corresponding assignments;

(b) the trainee has completed a minimum of 50 assignments related to properties that were personally inspected by a licensee who was approved to be a mentor for the trainee at the time of the assignment and inspection;

(c) the mentor has evaluated all appraisal activity the trainee completed under the mentor's supervision, including the assignments involving properties which the mentor inspected with the trainee;

(d) on the basis of the mentor's evaluation of the assignments completed, while the trainee was under the mentor's supervision, the mentor has determined that the trainee is competent to perform assignments within the minimum criteria of USPAP, with limited supervision by the mentor; and

(e) the mentor and trainee request and receive approval from the board to allow the trainee to complete assignments with limited supervision.

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