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(1) The department shall use the fees collected pursuant to ARM 17.36.802 to fund the following functions:

(a) review performed pursuant to subchapter 1 to determine whether:

(i) the application complies with subchapter 3;

(ii) to grant a waiver or deviation pursuant to ARM 17.36.601; or

(iii) the proposed subdivision is excluded from review pursuant to ARM 17.36.605;

(b) review performed pursuant to ARM 17.30.706 to determine whether significant degradation will occur;

(c) review performed pursuant to ARM 17.30.707, 17.30.708, 17.30.715, or 17.30.716, regarding nondegradation;

(d) preparation of an environmental assessment pursuant to ARM 17.4.609 and 17.4.610, including costs of gathering data and information, analysis, printing, distribution, and hearing costs;

(e) preparation of an environmental impact statement pursuant to ARM 17.4.615 through 17.4.629, including costs of analysis, printing, distribution, and hearing costs, and excluding the costs of information and data gathering which are subject to fee assessment pursuant to 75-1-202, MCA;

(f) reimbursement of local government entities as provided in (2) and (3); and

(g) conducting inspections and enforcement activities pursuant to 76-4-107 and 76-4-108, MCA.

(2) The department shall reimburse local governing bodies under department contract to review subdivisions as follows:

(a) for subdivisions with individual wastewater treatment systems, the department shall reimburse $25 per lot plus 80 percent of the review fee under ARM 17.36.802 for the following actions performed by the local governing body:

(i) each review of water, storm water, and wastewater systems;

(ii) nonsignificance determinations and categorical exemptions; and

(iii) review of revised lot layout documents.

(3) The department may reimburse counties that have not been delegated review authority but that perform review services including, but not limited to, inspection of proposed and approved facilities and assistance to persons in the application procedure as follows:

(a) $25 per parcel for subdivisions with individual or shared wastewater treatment systems. A site evaluation must accompany the submittal.

(4) Funds must be reimbursed to the local governing bodies quarterly, based upon the fiscal year starting on July 1 and ending on June 30 of each year.

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