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(1) Each video gambling machine must meet the following specifications:

(a) the random number selection process shall conform to an acceptable random order of occurrence and uniformity of distribution;

(b) the field of numbers must be mixed after each game by using a random number generator;

(c) after the field of numbers has been mixed and before the start of the game the field of numbers is to be frozen with all numbers used for play taken in order from the top of the frozen field;

(d) any variable data, e.g., location name, shall not reside on conventional ROM storage devices that contain game programs;

(e) the game program must not interfere in any way with expected random play;

(f) all electronic meters must be eight digits in length except those used for tracking currency which must be ten digits in length;

(g) for any game played, the paytable for that game must be prominently displayed and understandable to the player;

(h) poker, keno or bingo game programs submitted for approval on or after October 1, 2003 and all multi-game programs must comply with ARM 23.16.1920;

(i) the duration of a game shall be the period of play for a game authorized under Title 23, chapter 5, part 6, MCA, starting with the utilization of the first random number from the "previously frozen field" and ending with the last utilized random number from the "previously frozen field"; and

(j) paytables must be static and displayed in a form that is readable and clearly defined prior to the start of the game.

(2) A machine may have a personality program that includes but is not limited to the following:

(a) paytable;

(b) graphics;

(c) deal;

(d) optional features to include but not be limited to:

(i) raise;

(ii) auto-bet;

(iii) hold and discard;

(e) personality program number.

(3) Notwithstanding any other rule to the contrary, on or after June 30, 1997, the image or images projected on each video gambling machine shall not simulate, in part or in whole, an illegal gambling device or enterprise.

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