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(1) A person seeking licensure as a social worker licensure candidate must apply on the board's official forms which may be obtained through the department. All requirements with documentation must be met at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the board.

(2) A completed social worker licensure candidate application must include:

(a) application fee;

(b) official transcripts provided directly from the institution documenting the applicant's completion of a doctorate or master's degree in social work from a program accredited by the council on social work education (CSWE) or a program approved by the board as required by 37-22-301(2)(a), MCA; and

(c) the licensure candidate's proposed training and supervision plan.

(3) A training and supervision plan is subject to board approval, must be in a form approved by the board, and must include:

(a) identification of the candidate and qualified supervisors;

(b) the supervisors' license types, license numbers, and amount of post-licensure experience or training in clinical supervision;

(c) verification that any and all licenses held by the supervisors in all jurisdictions are unrestricted with no pending discipline;

(d) a proposed record of supervision in a form approved by the board that will address and document the licensure candidate's experience for the purpose of meeting the requirements of 37-22-301(2)(b), MCA, and satisfy the requirements of ARM 24.219.504(1); and

(e) a signed supervision agreement between the candidate and supervisors addressing the duties of the candidate and supervisors, the obligations of the candidate and supervisor under ARM 24.219.504, confidentiality, frequency and method of supervision, and duration and termination of the supervision agreement.

(4) All licensure candidate applicants must submit the fingerprint and background check required by the board.

History: 37-1-131, 37-22-201, MCA; IMP, 37-1-131, 37-22-313, MCA; NEW, 2016 MAR p. 221, Eff. 2/6/16.

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