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(1) A case of active tuberculosis disease exists if the case meets the laboratory or clinical criteria in (2) or (3).

(2) Laboratory criteria for active tuberculosis diagnosis:

(a) isolation of M. tuberculosis complex from a clinical specimen;

(b) demonstration of M. tuberculosis complex from a clinical specimen by nucleic acid amplification test; or

(c) demonstration of acid-fast bacilli in a clinical specimen when a culture has not been or cannot be obtained or is falsely negative or contaminated.

(3) Clinical criteria for active tuberculosis diagnosis:

(a) usually a positive tuberculin skin test result or positive interferon gamma release assay for M. tuberculosis;

(b) other signs and symptoms compatible with tuberculosis are for example: abnormal chest radiograph, abnormal chest computerized tomography scan or other chest imaging study, or clinical evidence of current disease;

(c) treatment with two or more antituberculosis medications; and

(d) a completed diagnostic evaluation.


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