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(1) Contestant applicants shall submit a completed application on department forms and pay the license fee per ARM 24.117.402. Applications must include the following information:

(a) a photograph of the applicant; and

(b) experience verification forms demonstrating a minimum of one year of amateur or professional boxing as attested to by three references (excluding relatives, present employer, or employees) with knowledge of the applicant's experience in boxing.

(2) No contestant under the age of 18 or over the age of 35 shall be licensed unless an exception is granted by the department.

(a) Contestant applicants over the age of 35 must provide to the department a written statement by the contestant's personal physician (M.D. or D.O.) that:

(i) the physician has performed a full physical examination of the contestant within a year of the event; and

(ii) the contestant is medically fit to participate in the event.

(3) Prior to participating in an event, contestants shall:

(a) present a valid picture ID and federal boxing ID; and

(b) submit certified laboratory documentation of the contestant's negative HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C tests.

(i) Tests are not required within one year of an athletic event, but cannot be older than 18 months.

(4) Contestants shall compete consistently under the same name. Ring names may be used and must appear on the license as issued by the department.

(5) No contestant under the age of 18 may participate in more than six rounds until the contestant has participated in ten or more professional boxing bouts, unless special permission is granted by the department.

(6) Contestants shall wear proper athletic attire and appropriate protective devices, including:

(a) form-fitting mouthpiece; and

(b) protective athletic cup.

(7) Any contestant who has participated in an athletic event, unless specifically granted an exception by the department, shall be placed under temporary suspension for the health and safety of the contestant as follows:

(a) physical injury or severe punishment

discretionary upon advice of medical professional

(b) knockout (KO) – 60 days suspension

(c) technical knockout (TKO) – 30 days suspension

(d) contestants receiving three medical suspensions in the contestant's boxing history shall be placed on indefinite suspension. The department may lift the suspension upon certification by the contestant's personal physician (M.D. or D.O.) that:

(i) a complete physical examination of the contestant has been performed; and

(ii) the contestant is medically fit to participate.

(8) An athletic bout shall be stopped and decision rendered upon determination by the referee that:

(a) a contestant(s) is not honestly competing;

(b) the knockout is a "dive"; or

(c) the foul is a prearranged action.

(9) Contestants participating in a sham or fake bout shall be disqualified and shall be prohibited from participating in any event in this state as follows:

(a) six months for the first offense; or

(b) one year for subsequent offenses.

(10) All contestants must be ready to enter the ring immediately upon completion of the preceding event.

(11) Whenever a contestant, because of injury or illness, is unable to take part in an event for which the contestant is under contract, the contestant or the contestant's manager shall immediately report the fact to the department or department representative. The contestant must submit to an examination by a department-approved physician prior to the date set for the event. The contestant must pay for the physician's examination.

(12) Contestants may not drink anything but water during an event. The use of drugs of any kind, before or during the bout, is cause for disqualification and/or other disciplinary action by the department. All contestants may be required to submit to a drug test before and after an event in which the contestant is involved.

(13) No contestant shall sell tickets for any athletic event in which the contestant is engaged on a commission basis, to serve as a remuneration for services as a contestant.


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